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SteelHome Signed Formal Iron Ore Price Index Agreement with Metal Bulletin

SteelHome is pleased to announce that it has signed cooperation contract with Metal Bulletin on MB Iron Ore Index. Steelhome will supply daily data from its widespread contact base of steel producers and iron ore traders within China. This will be integrated into the MB Index methodology, making it the only Index with access to such data from a major Chinese partner.
MB Iron Ore Index

(图)MB Iron Ore IndexMB Iron Ore Index

The MB Iron Ore Index is a tonnage weighted calculation of transactions normalised on iron content and freight to 62% iron content, cfr Qingdao, China. Normalisation curves are developed in house and based on value-in-use data for different material chemistries, which are updated every three months. The Index includes mechanisms to create a balance of input across all market participants, and to exclude outlier data.

Data is submitted via the website, by email and by phone, and can be contributed by any participant conducting business on a delivered China basis. MB is totally impartial and seeks to report an open and transparent representation of the market. MB has no financial interest in the level or direction of the Index.

About Metal Bulletin Ltd.

For over 90 years Metal Bulletin has been bringing the global metals and raw materials industries reliable and comprehensive market information and prices each week, with news now being delivered through a 24-hour online service, a daily email newspaper, and its weekly print magazine product. Metal Bulletin publishes over 600 prices, many of which have become the globally respected benchmark reference in their respective industries. Metal Bulletin's breadth of product offerings extends from online news and prices services, magazines, newsletters and online real time services, to directories and databases, books, research reports, and consultancy and the staging of events around the globe in the form of conferences and exhibitions. Metal Bulletin Ltd is part of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.

Visit its website at http://www.metalbulletin.com/

About Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a member of the FTSE-250 share index. It is a leading international business-to-business media group focused primarily on the international finance, metals and commodities sectors. It publishes more than 70 magazines, newsletters and journals, including Euromoney, Institutional Investor, and Metal Bulletin. It also runs an extensive portfolio of conferences, seminars and training courses and is a leading provider of electronic information and data covering international finance, metals and emerging markets. Its main offices are in London, New York, Montreal and Hong Kong and nearly half of its revenues are derived from emerging markets.

Visit its website at http://www.euromoneyplc.com/

About Shanghai Steelhome

(图)MB Iron Ore Index

Steelhome invested and operated by Shanghai Steelhome Information Technology Co., Ltd has ranked as the leading information base in China's steel industry with five years of growth. As a “mirror” of China steel market, SteelHome is ready to give you a clear understanding of the market image and create business opportunities to all steel-related sectors in and out of China.

Information Base: Providing comprehensive information about China's steel industry, including market feedback, steelmakers' dynamics, authoritative prices and statistical data - a portal for you to acquire the latest updated news in China steel market.

SteelHome Research Center: Being sensitive to market pulse, bringing you the deep insight of China steel market, and providing clients with specific and targeted market data.
E-Commerce: Providing timely information on the latest enquiries and offerings of steel and raw materials, helping clients to trade online, and connecting businessmen from the global steel industry.

For more information please contact info@steelhome.cn , call +86 021-50585368 or visit http://www.steelhome.com.cn/


   2010年3月2日,上海钢之家信息科技有限公司(简称“钢之家”)与金属导报(Metal Bulletin,简称“MB”)签订合作协议。钢之家网站提供的每日铁矿石价格将被MB铁矿石价格系统采用,MB铁矿石价格指数将成为全球第一个由中国合作伙伴参与提供中国市场数据的价格指数。



价  格:美元/干吨,CFR,到中国港口
含  水:标准是8.0%,最大含量10.0%
粒  度:标准粒度是大于90%的铁矿<6.30mm,最大粒度是大于90%的铁矿<10.0mm,最小粒度是大于90%的铁矿<0.15mm.


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